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  • new standard


D1  Connection Opener (20 mm Lanyards)
D3  Security Standard connector
D4  Metal and plastic safety connector (10, 15, 20, 25 mm Lanyards)
D6  Metal Safety connector (15, 20 mm Lanyards)
D8  Plastic connector (10, 15, 20, 25 mm Lanyards)
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K1  Standard metal carbine - as standard with all Lanyards
K11  Connector in the phone (10, 15, 20 mm Lanyards)
K12  Connector in the phone
K13  Phone pendant
K15 Yo-Yo
K16 Yo-Yo Carabin
K17  Pin Card
K2  Metal carbine (10, 15, 20, 25 mm Lanyards)
K3  Metal carbine (10, 15, 20 mm Lanyards)
K5  Metal connector
K9  Connection phone (10 mm Lanyards)
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Here you can choose additional accessories for individually produced necklaces.

D1 Metal Connector - Opener (20mm Strap)
D3 Standard safety connector
D4 Safety connector for metal and plastic combination
D6 Metal safety connector (15, 20 mm for tie straps)
D8 Plastic safety connector
K1 Metal Carabiner - Standard with all tie straps
K2 Metal Carabiner
K3 Metal Carabiner (10, 15, 20 mm for tie straps)
K5 Metal carabiner (can be silver, blue, red, black, green or yellow)
K9 Telephone Connector (10mm Thong)
K11 Telephone Connector (10, 15, 20 mm for tie straps)
K12 Phone Connection
K13 Handheld phone
K15 Yo-Yo connector with retractable rope ~ 80cm name card (ski-pass). (may be white, transparent, yellow, red, blue, green, black or silver)
K16 Yo-Yo Carabin connector with retractable strap ~ 60cm ski-pass and metal carabiner (blue, red or green)
Plastic, metal
Minimum quantity
100 pcs.