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Customisation Gallery

Screen printing - printing process where the image dye passed through the stencil on the product.

We offer a number of screen printing methods:
1. Direct screen printing - image transferred directly onto the product;
2. Transfer printing - the image transferred onto special paper, and then transported on the product by heat press

Sublimation - is a way of printing when the paint passes from the paper to the surface of the product with high temperature and pressure.
The printing can be carried on synthetic products, and the products that are covered with sublimation printing are coated with metadata, ceramics, plastic etc.
Decorating with this technology, color does not affect the price of the print - it is ideal for multi-color or photo printing.
Pad printing - the most widely used for decorating technology, based on the dye transfer printing blocks on the product surface of the silicone sponge support. The possible choice of colors, each color is produced in the form of a separate press. This printing method is convenient when you need to move small parts or uneven surfaces.
Weaving - fabric production of yarn weaving loom in a specific order by interweaving two perpendicular thread systems. The fabric properties, appearance and the letter determines the thread joining procedure, or weave. We can offer products woved from 8 different colours
Doming - Polymeric (prominent) stickers production.
In the event of a sticker form 3D effect that enhances the logo or other information. Sticker easily be glued almost on any surface. Resistant to moisture and cold, scratch.
Digital printing - fast and quality printing method. Especially suitable for small print runs or custom sizes.
Laser engraving – decorating technique where the laser beam inscribes object upper layer, thereby for the desired text, logo or picture. Metal products are the most suitable for this decorating method, but the same great results are achieved by using plastic. A computer-controlled process ensures extremely exact transfer of the logo on the product. The choice of colors is not possible, because the final result depends on the properties of the material.